Develop The Eyes Of An Exegete.

Strengthen your ability to preach and teach the Bible with authority and precision. Exegesis undergirds the process of applying Scripture to your audience.

Benefits Of Being Able To Exegete Scripture


Analyze The Original Meaning

Allows you to analyze the original meaning of the text in its historical and literary context. Exegesis looks at things like the original language, grammar, genre, background, authorship, audience, etc. This provides a solid foundation for interpretation.


Stick To The Text, Not Your Ideas!

Helps you avoid reading your own ideas into the text (eisegesis) and instead draw out the author's intended meaning. Exegesis helps you be objective and let the text speak for itself.


Understand The Original Author

Leads to more accurate interpretation and application of the text. By understanding what the original author was saying to the original audience, you can better discern how the text applies to modern readers.

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For personal growth


Homiletics 1 and 2

Certificate Of Training

Preachers & Teachers

Teaching God's Word


Homiletics 1,2, and 3

Certificate Of Training

Sermon Preparation

How To Illustrate


For Pastors Grow Their

church and its leaders


Homiletics 1,2, and 3

Certificate Of Training

Sermon Preparation

How To Illustrate

Sermon Notes - 1 Year Membership

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Frequently Ask Question

Will I Get A Certificate In Homiletics?

Yes. Each student will be certified in homiletics.

Is there a time limit to complete the class or can i learn at my own pace?

There is no specific time limit on completion. Each student can learn at his or her own pace

Will there be books and other resources for this class?

Yes. You will have to purchase specific books and guides. There are certain books every preacher and teacher should have in their library

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